Management Fee Schedule:

  •  Take over lease Management Fee $300  with existing tenants, 
  • Annual Management Fee $600 per property due at beginning lease term.
  • Lease commission fee: one month’s rent (vacant homes) • No Monthly Management Fee
  • Lease renewal fee: 50% monthly rent, only for first time renewal.

Additional Services Fee Schedule

  • Eviction Filing $250 plus court fees, (also billed to tenant) 
  • Court Appearance $150/per hour (minimum 2 hours), maximum $500
  • $75 and up, for service calls if provided by A Welcoming Home.
  • $105 half day/$175 whole day for the time if on site personnel is required by owner
  • Quarterly or Bi-annual inspections of properties for compliance by tenant, $150

how to prepare your property for lease

Evaluate the Property for Leasing

  • Determine accurate rental rate
  • Help establish good ROI
  • Suggest recommendations to prepare home for market.
  • Sign the Leasing Listing agreement
  • Required inspection of all potential rental properties must meet minimal guidelines.

Market property for rent

  •  Manage aspects of tenant-landlord relationship marketing as required by HUD
  • Comply with:
    • State and Federal Fair Housing Laws
    • State and local anti-discrimination laws
    • Real Estate Laws
    • Tenant Landlord laws
  • Listings posted on FMLS and GAMLS
  • Show the property to prospective ten

Application processing

  • Background, credit, employment verification, Minimal requirements must be met for all applicants.
  • Landlord history and bank statements/proof on income.
  • Extensive application approval process.
  • Negotiate contingency items with landlord and tenant

Preparing for Move in

  •  Prepare lease
  •  Collect funds
  •  Pictorial timeline
  • Agent conducts complete move in inspections as part of commission.


  • Quarterly Income and Expense Reports
  • Annual Statements for tax purposes
  • Itemized statement of expenses, rent receipts and direct deposits online.
  • Archive historical data
  • Online monthly owner cash flow 

Rent Collections

  •  Receiving rent, streamlines via online portals
  • Collection of late payments and enforcing late payments
  • Monthly rental payments reported to credit buraeus.
  • Eviction guidelines go into effect at 10 days past due.


  • Pictorial timeline: Move-in, move-out and quarterly inspection photos
  • Periodic Inspections with photos and reports

Responsive Maintenance Systems

  •  No surcharges unless additional maintenance requested by A Welcoming Home, LLC
  • Notification of maintenance requests are sent directly to Owner or designated Maintenance Supervisor
  • Updating owners and tenants of status of requests, maintenance updates can be maintained by vendor and/or owner.  

Tenant Move-Out Inspections and Closure


  • Assess deductions for cleaning, damages and unpaid rent
  • Security deposit itemization as governed by GA Real Estate Laws, tenant-landlord laws and fair housing laws
  • Mediation and Arbitration
  • Coordinating cleaning and repair services


  •  Filing with county magistrate court (Filing fee applies)
  • Appear in court on behalf of owner (extra fee applies)
  • Coordinate with sheriff for eviction (labor for actual eviction process not included)
  • Restore the property if abandoned by tenant (Owner expense may apply.