Rent Payments

o  A Welcoming Home will collect rents on behalf of the Owner, and make monthly dispersal's of the income (minus annual management fee and any incurred expenses due by Owner) to the Owner after 5 days of receipt by tenant.

o  A Welcoming Home will send invoices and rental income payments monthly, in a timely manner. Please note that we expect payment in full on any invoices sent within 15 days of the emailed or mailed notice.

Fee Schedules and Additional Services

o  Administrative Fee: For any services performed beyond the scope of day-to-day tenant

management activities, we will assess a $25 fee. If reasonable, we may choose to waive

this fee.

o  Eviction Services: For properties under active management, if eviction services are

necessary, we will assess a $300 fee for any filing fee and court appearances made on

behalf of the Owner.

o  Late Fee: Any invoice which is not paid within 15 days of emailed or mailed notification

will be assessed $25 or 10% of the total, whichever is greater.

Inspection of Property

o  Listing agent will be required to conduct an inspection of the property to determine if

property is in compliance prior to listing. (See Management Requirements)

o  Obtain Insurance policy information from owner

o  Obtain HOA covenant rules and regulations

o  If necessary, HOA approval of rental property

Payments made on behalf of the Property Owner

It is the Owner’s responsibility to make sure Property Tax payments, HOA fees/dues and Insurance policies are up-to-date. If for any reason, A Welcoming Home is called upon to assist in paying these items, the bills must be sent to us, and we will charge an administrative fee. Additionally, we will require a Letter of Authorization on file to act on your behalf as Property Manager. Please note that we also consider items such as setting up termite bonds, external pest control and setting up non-tenant utility service as an additional service to Leaseing/Management agreement and could assess a fee.

rent collections and data reporting

A partnership with Transunion & Equifax; PCC Innovative Solutions, LLC will provide monthly Tenant


What this means for you and your tenants:

  •Cost effective solution to thousands of dollars in lost rental and late fees
 •Tenants create a positive credit history with on time payments
 •Choose one or both agencies for maximum pre-screening analysts of potential tenants
 •Immediate sharing with future property owners and/or lenders.
 •Monthly monitoring of past due accounts
 •Management companies can offer a competitive advantage to landlords/owners.
 •Increase cash flow and reduce bad debt.
 •No longer guessing if evictions or dispossessory judgments are being reported.
 •You continue to collect payments for immediate deposit
 •No Software Required,  you continue to use existing data base
 •A Welcoming Home will manage all reporting disputes through required e-Oscar-web registration.

With A Welcoming Home  your tenant data is reported to both Transunion & Equifax while maintaining a single account.    No minimum tenant requirements with PCCIS/A Welcoming Home .

With initial set up fee, your data is converted to the mandated credit reporting format enabling the monthly data reporting process.

  •Federal Law Compliance with CFPB Rules & Regulations
 •A Welcoming Home  will manage all disputed inquires upon initiation
 •Lease Agreement Compliance and Amendment requirement.
 •Annual contract with opt out option upon renewal


  •Automatic payment with no hidden fees or increase during current term
 •One time only set up fee $150. - $300.
 •Monthly rates start as low as $ .50 per tenant.  Lower rates may apply with large tenant volume.   
Tenant screening available directly through Transunion & Equifax. PCCIS/A Welcoming Home is not a reseller for Transunion or Equifax, but can provide assistance with acceptance, compliance and customer relations.   We can provide a full credit analysis and evaluation.