collections training

Providing collection training seminars for all businesses and their administration.

Collect your Money and Keep the Client

 Collection training can be provided to anyone within your corporation.  We can train owners or administration of small businesses to branch, regional and corporate level personnel of fortune 500 companies.  We can show you how to utilize sales staff with collection efforts using ethical business practices, open communications and good customer service.

Upcoming Training Events

Visit us on August 11 for a half day training seminar

Location - TBD


Check back soon for our up coming schedule .

improving your cash flow



Training efforts Include:

    •Internal collections training to staff

    •How to establish and maintain Credit limits

    •Utilization of documents used to increase payments within terms

    •Sales staff and their role with Collections. 


   •Effective ways to collect (step by step instruction & roll play)
  •Importance of Credit & Collections Policy and Procedures within a business

   •Sales and Collections working for a common goal.

   •Collection Letter writing - Do's and Don'ts

   •How to pursue Judgment's, Liens, Bonded Jobs & Civil Suits     

   •What SHOULD be in your contract, application and Terms & Conditions