Business and legal resources

Protecting your business and projects


Know your states resources.  As a supplier or Contractor there are several legal resources to protect your AR.  Through Mechanics/Labor liens, Materialman's liens, Joint Check Agreements, Bond Claims etc.. if utilized correctly within your state guidelines, you will reduce risk by securing your claims.  

It is always important to know the details of projects in which you are supplying materials or services.  

Some of what we offer:

    •Corporate Credit Policy & Procedures

    •Business Credit Applications

    •Consumer Credit Applications
   •Personal Guaranty

    •Promissory Note

    •Preliminary Lien Notice

    •Payment Bond Claims 

    •Joint check Agreements

    •Notice to Owners

    •Notice of non-payment

    •Lien Waivers

    •Payment Plan Agreements 

    •Legal Claim Preparation


Each document will be custom written with compliance to your state guidelines and 

type of industry.  You will also receive a tracking report reflecting notice dates and expiration.


Additional Resouces

PCC Innovative Solutions, provides indepth actions to protect and collect your outstanding debtors.   We utilize the assistance of various attorneys specializing in their field to help with any claim we can't handle.   Our referrals, together with PCC Innovative Solutions, will continue to exhaust all efforts to assist with your needs.